21 miles of beer

We made it home late last night. You can hear the audioblogging of the trip over at Angela’s . She even managed to be sneaky and get my voice on one of the posts. It was before coffee, that’s really not fair.

While we enjoyed ourselves, and there was definitely some neat things to see, Baltimore as a whole was not quite what the guide books crack it up to be. (Parts that the guide book described as historical and world famous were actually quite a bit scarier than you would have thought!) If you do find yourself in town though, I highly recommend taking the Camden Yards tour, where you’ll learn that they hook up the 55 gallon kegs in the basement and 21 miles of pipes take the beer all around to the various concession stands. So during the game, there’s 21 miles of beer flowing through there. (Mmmm, beer pipe-lines…)

Other high points for me were Fort McHenry and Edgar Allen Poe’s grave in the Westminster Burying Grounds. Pictures will be up soon, maybe tonight. We didn’t arrive home until almost 11 last night, so we both just went straight to bed without off loading pics or anything. We were both dreading getting up for work in the morning. Speaking of which, I should get started on getting caught up!

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