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In light of what I said earlier about marketing hitting the blog world, here’s some further reading:

Chris has a much lengthier piece about weblogging as marketing tool.

Doc and David Weinberger have put together an article called World of Ends about what the internet is, and how to stop mistaking it for what it isn’t.

I would agree with most of the thoughts here, Chris certainly uses his weblog to market his other ventures, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s ok, because he also uses for much more than that. You don’t get the impression that the weblog was created specifically to do marketing, if that were the case, he wouldn’t bother with linking to others and giving others credit where it is due. You can be turned off by the marketing he does, but still read the weblog because it’s more than that. Blogs that are just marketing tools will cease to be, because there won’t be anything new to bring us back.

It’s all interesting reading, and if you’re in marketing, you should definitely take a look!

By the way, when you try to use a blog as marketing, I guess you should expect the parodies, eh?

Now, no more blogging about blogging for a little while, it does get old, doesn’t it? 🙂

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