Pocket PC

Since Andy brought it up, I will point out that the Dell Axim has been working fine for me, but I haven’t been doing anything interesting with it. This weekend, however, I’ll be giving it quite the workout, as I’ll have a Pocket Streets map of downtown Baltimore, I’ll be taking a look at a program called Metro that helps you figure out how to get around by train in major metro areas, and I’ll be using it to get a better look at the pictures we take with our digital camera. Perhaps even to store some if we run out of space on our respective memory cards.

Trips like this are one of the biggest reasons I wanted one. The other, of course, is being able to take my network documentation with me around or outside of the office. I do that, but it’s really not interesting enough to write about, is it? 🙂

I’ll have more interesting things to share next week.

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