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Well it’s been almost 4 days now, without a word from That Hosting Company, Inc. Yesterday I decided that enough was enough and took matters into my own hands. The first step was getting control of the domain name. Since the domain registration was part of signing up with THC, they were listed as the billing contact and, while I was listed as the owner, it was their email address which would have gotten the approval for the switch, not mine. A quick phone call to the registrar verified what I needed to do to get control of things, fax them a copy of my driver’s license and the email address I wanted to be the contact.

Once I verified that I was now the contact, and could take THC completely off the registration information, I went over to Ready Hosting and signed up for a new hosting account. Got the proper DNS information, entered that with the domain registrar and now I wait for it to update and get around the name servers on the ‘net. Should be sometime this weekend.

Why did I choose Ready Hosting? A couple of things, the price ($99 per year) was right, I could have access to the account immediately, uploading to an IP address until the domain name switched, (I needed that, after being out of commission for going on 4 days now, I wanted to be able to upload the site and have it ready the second the DNS information got updated, as well as the email accounts.) it had all the ASP and Access support I needed so I wouldn’t have to change any of the databases for comments, or stats, (although they have a stats package so I may not be loading the StatCounteX package), and they have a Toll-Free support number, which after not being able to reach anyone at THC to find out what’s happening with this merger, was absolutely necessary for anyone to get my business. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, so I will be putting them to the test in that time! I’ve been burnt, and it’s going to take them some time to earn my trust, it’s just a fact. But so far, so good on all fronts.

So, anyway, sometime this weekend, this will go live and folks will start reading here again, I hope. Let me know if anything broke during the move. I know I lost some comments from the last day or two before the site went down, sorry about that. Feel free to repost them *smile*.

Oh yeah, it feels good to be back! Update: Looks like the site went live about 9:00PM Eastern time Friday night. Pretty quick turn around, I must say. Now they get the testing though. I put in a service ticket, because I wasn’t able to access the stats package, guess I have the wrong login info for it. We’ll see how long it takes them to get that minor kink worked out. In the meantime, I loaded up the old StatCounteX package, so I can keep track of how many people find me again after all this time :). I’ve also written up my experiences with That Hosting Company as a full article for all to see.

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