Still unreachable

This morning the site is still unreachable but I thought I’d go ahead and post the latest news items, so you all have something to read when it does come back. (And yes, a move that requires going on 30 hours now is totally unacceptable, not a good start for this new company!)

New Version of Zone Alarm Pro seems to really add on some cool functionality. I won’t be paying for the Pro version, since I have the router/firewall combo running at home now, but I’d be interested to know how good it really is.

Doc Searls is pointing us all to Metafilter today for more reading about CARP, and how the fees that need to be paid for streaming audio is going to put most stations out of the webcasting business. Then you won’t be able to hear anything other than the normal crap radio stations so you won’t be exposed to new music and you won’t buy any CD’s. Somewhere that makes sense to the recording industry. Go figure!

In personal news, I found out last night that I’m going to be an uncle, again! My brother, Bryan, and his wife are expecting their second child in November!

Here’s hoping I’m back online sometime before the baby’s born! Grrr!

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