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Library Filtering Law overturned. -the thing missing from this story, of course, is that filters don’t work and block quite a bit of legitimate information from being available to library patrons. Let’s hope the Supreme Court agrees with this ruling.

Look, someone who gets it on airport security! I was beginning to think that no one was going to get it. They’ve made airport searches so costly in terms of time, intrusiveness, etc., that it’s really not worth it to fly in many cases, and that really, does anyone expect terrorists to not know you’re going to be looking for them in airports, and thus choose some other way to hit the US? Don’t even get me started on the anti-terrorist laws or new procedures that are being passed all over the place, because they are just about all stupid, and are designed only to make you think the government is doing something for you, instead of finding something that will actually work! And from some of the quotes I’ve seen, we’re actually buying this BS!!!! (You’ve seen them, the “Well, whatever we have to do to be safe is worth it”. or “We have to give up some freedom, etc. “.)

On the work front, everyone in the office got an email from our pseudo-ISP informing us that effective June 5, they were changing everyone’s email password, and they gave instructions on how you’ll need to change your’s at that time and what the new password is. That’s cool, I can understand that they’re trying to implement some increased security on their network, but they’ve never, ever communicated with our users directly like this before. Naturally, this led to me being bombarded with questions, as if I had something to do with this or knew more about it than anyone else does. Nope not really, read the instructions and follow them on the 5th and you’ll have no problem. Of course my track record with getting people to read and follow directions has been bad enough that I fully expect I’m going to have to enter the new passwords for at least 5-6 people who find themselves incapable, and have to call the helpdesk to get new passwords for the other 2-3 people who deleted the email with their password, leaving only about 10-12 or so who will not have any problems. Anyone want to take a bet on this?

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