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Good morning! I spent a good chunk of last night setting up the comments for my Brother-in-Law’s wedding site. It wasn’t terribly difficult and my wife appreciated it, which makes the effort worthwhile, in my book. :).

Someone at work found a dead bat laying on the top of a box of invoices in our storage area. I’m guessing he flew in the air conditioning vents on the roof and found his way down to the shelving units. She wanted me to deal with it, but I drew the line at adding “Animal Control” to my many job hats!

So the wife and I are going to Boston later this month for a long weekend. We’ll be staying downtown. I’ve never been to Boston before, are there any “do not miss” things I should see? We’re planning a trip out to Harvard, and most of the downtown stuff (Fanieul Hall, the Commons, Trinity Church, etc.). I’m torn on bringing the laptop to blog the whole trip. We’ll definitely have the digital camera, but I’m not sure I want the hassle of flying with the laptop. Bringing it means I have to check my bag instead of carrying it on, which adds quite a bit of airport hassle to the trip. But not bringing it means no updates, no checking in on the Forum system, and a missed opportunity to share the trip with readers as it’s happening, as opposed to when we get back. The choice is so much easier when it comes to road trips!

Speaking of road trips, the wife is blogging about Roadfood.com. I am so ready for a long road trip! I need to get cracking on finalizing Gnomedex plans, but I may not be able to wait until August!

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