I’ll be over there..

Getting a bit behind in my tech news today, I’m spending too much time down the hall setting up a PC for our new employee who starts Monday. Seems like it only took me a couple of hours to get an NT box up and configured but it takes me a bit longer to do an XP box. Actually, no, it takes me longer to do a newly purchased PC than it does to reimage one with a new hard drive because of all the “stuff” that comes preinstalled!

Ironically, we get the PC’s from CDW this way because they’re cheaper than getting workstations directly from the manufacturer without all the extras. We’re not big enough to qualify for bulk discounts and we’re not “charity” so we don’t get any non-profit discounts either! Welcome to the wonderful world of “not-for-profit”, all the budget limitations of non-profits with none of the benefits! *L*

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