With the problems that YACCS has been having, I finally decided that enough was enough and switched Angela’s blog over to a local commenting system, hosted on my domain. Everything worked out fine except, for some reason, she’s not getting the automatic emails that are generated when someone leaves a comment. I have it setup now to go to both of us, and I get them, and the ones I get appear to be addressed to both of us, but she doesn’t get them. I’ll have to go back and double check everything to make sure I have it all set correctly, but after that, I’m going to have to assume a problem with some email system somewhere. I hate those problems. Heck, maybe I’ve been blacklisted by her ISP? *L*

Update: I looked at this over my lunch today and I haven’t been blacklisted (I sent her an email from the account that is shown as the “From” field on the web form) but there seems to be some problem with automated forms getting delivered to her email address. I can change the address to just about anything else, be it one address or two, and it works fine and dandy. Guess I’ll set it to go to her address on this domain instead.

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