Blogger vs. MT

We’ve talked about this before, and now that I’ve had a day or two to mess around with MT on the new domain, I’m even more convinced of this truth. Blogger and MT are simply different things for different people. Yes MT is probably more powerful as far as being able to tweak and add in many different types of things, but it’s also more work. If you just want to design once and forget it while you enjoy writing, Blogger is definitely not a bad way to go, because you always have copies of your files in two places, on your site, and in Blogger’s database. You never really have to worry about anything other than writing.

Movable Type is really a different beast altogether, you have to worry about a bunch of different things in order to get it installed, not the least of which is finding out if your host even supports it (as I found out on this domain!), then you have to do quite a lot of configuring and, in my case, you had to tweak even the default CSS because it ran too wide in IE. After that the tweaking gets about as crazy as you want it to get, so it can be a challenge or you can leave it alone and make it easy on yourself, but you still need to worry about backups constantly.

Now you guys know me, I’ll be tweaking all the time, that’s the biggest reason I wanted to try it out! But there’s something nice about the fact that I can write here without worrying about anything until I decide I want to worry about it too.

Like I said, different tools for different people, or in my case, I guess, different tools for different voices in my head. *L*

BTW, I got all the old entries imported from Blogger to the new blog, but no comments, yet. I might try and find a way to get the comments moved over too, but it’s not really a high priority for me right now. I have the comments, so I can keep the ones that are important to me at least. 🙂

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