Online Services That Help Me Keep Life Straight

As you may know by now, my work requires me to


Obviously, the first thing I need to keep track of with my schedule are



As a blogger and social media user, it can take a lot of time to find interesting articles and share them on all of the social networks, or on my blogs. IFTTT is a huge time saver for me, because I can do one thing, and trigger a number of actions that occur automatically. For example, when reading an article, I can bookmark it on Diigo, and depending on which tag I use, that article can be shared on a account, a Facebook or Tumblr page, etc. Or I can upload a to Flickr and automatically create a



I travel. I have a work laptop, two personal computers, an iPad and an iPhone. When I need to grab a document, there’s a fairly good chance that it might not have been created on the device I am using at that moment. Dropbox lets me access it from anywhere. And yes, I also use Google Drive for some things (especially sharing with coworkers), and am looking at using OneDrive


Mobile Banking Apps


I have no idea how people had a job that required and kept track of this stuff before the . 

What tools do you use to keep track of your own life? Leave some recommendations in the comments! 

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