Google Stopping Notebook Development

Given the news last night that Google is stopping development of Notebook, let’s start the argument, Zoho Notebook or Evernote?

Which one is going to be better suited to my to-do lists, brainstorming notes, gift ideas lists, and other random tid-bits of information that I like to keep organized in a OneNote like structure, but accessible in the cloud?


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  1. I vote for Evernote and Remember the Milk. I use Evernote on my computer, my Windows Mobile Phone and my iPod Touch. For to-do lists I haven’t found anything better than

  2. Everote. It has changed how I do things. I can and email (sp from the phone) into evernote. The text recognition in the images is a nice plus, although I seldom use it. Being developed strongly. The only sync is great.

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