AVG Problems and Seeking Advice

While I haven’t personally been caught up in AVG update problems like the one this week, it seems to be something I’ve been reading about a bit more often than I’m comfortable with. I’ve used the free personal edition of AVG on my home PC for years, and recommended it to quite a few others, but am starting to wonder about that.

Should I be looking at Microsoft’s Security Essentials? I’ve seen some pretty good reviews of it. What else should I be considering for free, basic, security?

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  1. For what it’s worth, Mike, I moved all of my home computers to Microsoft Security Essentials (many from AVG) and have had no virus/worm issues with them since. They update and scan well and just plain work. I recommend MSE as well.

  2. I’m using it. I really can’t say that I’m seeing any kind of problems using it. I’ve used AVG before, and when it started treating PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) as viruses and refused to even reclassify it even when I reported it as a false positive (A Win 98 Resource Kit program JUST NOW gets scanned as a virus? I don’t think so!), I stripped it out of my system. They were already on my crud list. Now AVG is on my do not even think about touching list.

    Avast is decent from what I’ve heard, but I haven’t installed it on any machines, let alone any of mine.

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