Interesting reading for the first day of the year

I finally had to do it to my hotmail account. I have a hotmail account because I like to have some sort of anonymity when it comes to dealing with stuff from my Child Abuse site and the mail lists that deal with that. But today, after some weasel sent me 84 copies of the same spam message, (and counting, I had it blocked as they were coming in!) I decided to set the account to only accept messages from the people I tell it to. Everything else goes into the Junk Mail folder to be perused at my pleasure. I’ll still check it to see if I’m getting feedback from the site, but I’ll count on the comments on the weblog to be the main source of feedback for now.

I’ve purposely only dealt with my own geek reading today, nothing that even remotely would remind me of work. My wife and I both needed the break. We try not to take the office home with us, but when management leaves you hanging on issues, it’s hard not to. So today was our day to be lazy and not even think about it. I’ll have enough to worry about tomorrow in trying to get year-end reports finished.

Interesting reading for the first day of the year:

Burning Bird has an interesting little take on what blogging is about, and how ideas are spread through blogging.

Through Scripting News today, I found that Megnut turned 30 today. Happy Birthday, and remember what an older and wiser friend told me right before I turned 30. “You spend your 20’s trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of you, parents, friends, society. When you turn 30, they all give up on you and you get to do whatever you want without complaint”. It’s totally true!

Also, from Scripting News, I found Aaron Cope , who had the most sensible thing I’ve ever read about the Open Source debate, everything has a tradeoff. Short, to the point, and dead on!

About half way down this page, (I skimmed the Open Source stuff, and well, see the article above, I’m not getting into these religious wars!) Mark Pilgrim gives a long description of the PressPlay FAQ and his reasons why this service sucks. I’d have to agree with him.

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