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Linked: Is Remote Work Good Or Bad For Employee Engagement? Your Leadership Holds The Answer

I’ve worked for remote teams for a few years now, and I can honestly say that this is true. What’s more, every time I read someone complain about how remote working isn’t working for the organization, as you read the details it almost always is really a failure to do this:

“A recent MIT survey of best practices for remote teams found that communication was by far the most critical key to success.”

If you’re a remote manager, you have to learn how to over-communicate, and how to do it effectively. And, you have to show your reports how to effectively communicate with you, and each other.

When I read about how much harder it is to get projects coordinated or to feel connected, I just assume the leader isn’t doing their job. Mostly because they never learned how, they just assumed everyone would be sitting right outside their office, and that’s how they would determine who was working hard and who wasn’t.

It didn’t make sense then, it makes less now. This is your chance to manage better. Take it.


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