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Linked: Maybe You Don’t Have the Skills You Need to Manage Your Remote Workforce

I think this is a crucial thing to consider. In my opinion a lot of the arguments for forcing everyone back into the office full-time eventually winds up here.

If you’re still requiring your team to show up in the office every day, then you might have a business problem that has nothing to do with remote work.
Maybe you’re change-averse. Maybe you’re operating in a culture that prizes process over product.
Or maybe you just don’t have the skills to manage a remote workforce.

Suppose you or your management forces staff back into the office because you need the face-time. Or because you don’t think your team can collaborate, you don’t know who is being productive, etc. Instead of forcing it and running the risk of losing your best performers, ask yourself if what you need to do is manage differently.

There’s no reason for promotions to be based on face time. With all of our technology, there is also no excuse for not collaborating or communicating effectively. Managing a remote team is not impossible. It’s just different. It requires that you change the way you manage.

Your not resistant to change, are you? Go read the whole thing.

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