Mental Health Matters

Linked – Depression: The Things You Don’t See When I’m Working

This statement is an important reminder regarding the people you work with.

“1 in 6.8 people in the average workplace experience mental health problems. Working whilst living with depression can be exhausting. There is a lot that people don’t see. Sometimes it can feel as though we’re almost living two different lives. When others understand our experiences, it can help us to feel less alone.”

The rest of the article gets into the details. Teaching us how depression might appear in someone at work and, most importantly, what they need from you to feel supported.

It matters. We spend so much of our lives at work, and something like depression will impact that time. We can either make a choice to understand that and offer support, or you can pretend it doesn’t exist and be no help.

Depression: The Things You Don’t See When I’m Working

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