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Linked – 74% Of Millennials & Gen Z Think They Can Build Better Skills At A New Job

If you aren’t helping develop the people who work for you, they won’t stay.

“A new study by Amazon finds that almost three-quarters of Millennial and Gen Z workers are planning to quit their jobs in 2023 due to a lack of skills-building opportunities.”

These people have watched companies “reward” the loyalty of Boomer and Gen X employees with layoffs, unfunded pensions, forced retirements, etc. They aren’t going to be loyal for the sake of loyalty to a company that will cut their job at the first sniff of an economic downturn. They will go to the place that benefits them the most.

If you’re not interested in providing skills and career development, don’t expect people to work for you. It’s not worth it.–gen-z-think-they-can-build-better-skills-at-a-new-job/

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