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Linked – 10 Quick Tips to Successful Training Room Set-Up

These tips are good. If you are setting up your own training room, I’d absolutely go through this list and make the room as easy as possible for the students.

If you do customer training, however, many of these things may be out of your control. In 5 years of customer training, I have taught in some odd rooms, but you have to deal with wherever they put you when you are in their building. Still, as much as it’s possible, keeping these tips in mind and crossing off as many as you can, will help!

“As a professional corporate trainer, I take the same care and attention when I prepare the room for a train-the-trainer workshop. I want my participants to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed—just as if I were welcoming them into my own home. Depending on the workshop I’m delivering, we may be spending anywhere from one to five days together, and that’s a significant amount of time.”

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