Linked – Lawyers coding – are we belittling the IT developers skills?

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I suspect that Jason is right about this, but I can’t say it’s going to be a popular opinion inside of law firms –

“I think there is huge benefits of gaining a knowledge of technology in any profession and wholeheartedly welcome developing this knowledge in lawyers. I equally think law firms could do a huge amount to develop the knowledge of IT professionals in the practice of law, something that doesn’t get the airtime in the legal press.”

He’s right. If a lawyer wants to learn some coding skills and get a better understanding of how technology works, that’s great, but don’t forget that most firms already have a team of people who do understand the technology, you just don’t ever ask them to apply that knowledge to the legal work that is done by lawyers, because you know, they’re “just” non-lawyers.

Lawyers coding – are we belittling the IT developers skills?

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