Linked – Deepfakes and fake media are coming for our memories

This is going to be very real, very soon. And there’s no reason to think people are going to somehow learn to be more discerning that they are already.

“Let’s put this all together. False memories fester when they make sense to our political worldview, when it’s familiar and repeated ad nauseam, when we trust the source of the information, and when this information is corroborated, shared, and discussed by like-minded people.

Where else do all these things happen? Social media. Fake stories tend to move more quickly to people on these platforms than the truth, fueled by surprise and bias.

And so what happens when doctored audio and video get added to the mix? (Shudders.)”

If nothing else, read the story for the people who “remember” things that never happened, and think about what your biases will lead you to “remember”, especially if someone shows you a video that suggests it really did happen.

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