Question about ticket tracking

Gene writes:

Hey Mike,

continuing to enjoy the blog you have going.

Quick question.

Do you use or know of a “ticketing” type system that can be used to keep

track of issues/equipment and such?

Or do you just use the paper and outlook method (which is what I’m currently


I’ve looked on a few shareware/freeware web sites and what they have is too

big or not enough. Hope you know of something cause if you don’t I’m going

to have to write one myself.

I wrote my own, using Access, which for tracking 25-30 machines wasn’t too terribly bad. I was able to input all the information for each PC in it’s own record and then tie an “issues” table to it and have all the relevant information at my fingertips. That’s not always an option in bigger situations. So does anyone have some suggestions for Gene? By the way, thanks for the kind words Gene!

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