The Process, not the Results

One of the bigger adjustments from working tech support to working Litigation Support is the focus. When you’re doing help desk stuff, the focus is on finding a solution, and getting folks back to work. When you’re doing Litigation Support, especially when it’s involves case work, it is all about following the process, and ignoring the results.

So, for example, when we’re handling evidence, it’s all about following the proper procedure. You cannot, ethically, be concerned about how this evidence affects the case, you just have to process it. (Most of the time, we don’t really know enough about the case to be concerned, and we don’t even look at it in any detail. We just follow the process.)

So, any work I do gets done the same way, every time. Even if we do all the work to prepare for trial, and the case settles out of court, we still do the work.  We still prepare as though they’re all going to trial, even though a good percentage of the time, that work ends up being wasted. You just never know which case is going to settle, which is going to trial, which is going to get delayed, which will be appealed, etc.

So, the results vary, all the time, irregardless of the quality of our work, so you can’t worry about them. you just follow the procedures, and let the attorney’s worry about the results.

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