The real deal

Want to know what Hollywood is really up to these days with all of their legislative agendas? Check out Cory Doctorow’s piece on the three part Hollywood agenda, and how close they are to putting the pieces into place to achieve it. (Thanks to Doc for the pointer.)

Reading today’s LangaList. I’m tempted to give OpenOffice a try as an MS Office replacement, except for one thing. The apps I use the most at work is Outlook, which I could find a replacement for I’m sure, but I use Access with my site and at work all the time. OpenOffice doesn’t come with a database program like that and I know nothing about MySQL, as far as whether I’d be able to use that as a viable replacement. What do you MySQL users have to say about that? If I like OpenOffice enough would it be possible to lose Office completely and use MySQL or something else for my database needs?

Hmm another download for the weekend maybe? 🙂

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