Voter apathy

Here’s a thought, maybe voter turnout isn’t low because of voter apathy. Maybe, just maybe, all those non-voters out there are simply waiting for a candidate to run who is actually worthy of our important vote. I can’t remember the last time a candidate was actually worth voting for, let alone taking the time and effort to go vote.

So, for all of you who seem to think it is your place to remind us all about our “civic duty”, go at it. Vote to your little hearts desire. I hope your choice between big-money CEO’s, oil companies, insurance companies on one side, and corrupt unions, trial lawyers, socialists, and big media on the other side, makes you happy. Personally neither one was worth the gas to drive to vote for me. For that matter, I never even bothered to register.

Yeah, I am cynical and completely sick of elections and politicians. Can ya’ tell? 🙂

PS: Actually, I do remember the last candidate who made me want to vote, it was John Kasich because of his economic policies.

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