Three day weekend!

Yes, we here in the US have the three day Memorial Day weekend coming up, and Angela and I have almost nothing at all planned. That rocks! I know she could use the mental vacation, (I had mine earlier this week in Cincy) and I could use some quality geek time. I downloaded the zip files for OpenOffice and the .Net framework last night so I’ve got some installing and configuring to do, then some playing with OpenOffice and then a mad search for software that runs on the .Net framework. I’ll probably give Aggie a try first and go from there. Anyone know of any good stuff being developed for .Net that I can play with?

Or I could wind up just being outside on the front porch drinking beer all weekend. You never really know. 🙂

First thing this morning, the Director of Communications stopped me in the hallway to ask about this digital camera she wants to buy as part of doing some new things with our communications pieces. Since I hadn’t had coffee yet, I could only tell her that I’d look. A quick Google search landed me these sites for camera reviews, comparisons, etc. I thought they might help anyone else thinking about getting a digital cam:

I’ve been noticing some weirdness in regards to BloggerPro is supposed to ping it whenever you publish a new post. I’ve been reading on the Pro maillist that some folks say that hasn’t been happening, etc. So I thought I’d look into it. I posted something last night and then went to to see if the blog would show up in the recently changed list. It didn’t after about 5 minutes. So I manually pinged it, and got the “We can only accept a ping every 5 minutes” message. Which means BloggerPro did ping it, it just never showed up. Then about a minute later I manually pinged it again, and this time it told me that it had changed and included it in changes.xml, even though I hadn’t changed it from the last time I pinged it. I’m beginning to think this is not a BloggerPro bug, but a bug, or some combination of the two.

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