Thoughts for the weekend:

The concept of realtime blogging at conferences is a bad idea. Not only is it rude to the speakers, because you’re obviously not paying as much attention and thinking about what they are saying, it’s a waste of your time and money. Case in point, how many bloggers have written something like “Missed some stuff trying to fix my Wi-Fi connection” during a conference? Think about that for a minute, you missed some of a presentation, that you paid to be at, that has some potentially valuable information, and that the speaker worked damn hard at putting together, all because you had to try and be the first to blog about it! I’d rather learn something and share that later than try and give the first report and have it just be drivel.

Which leads me to my second point, I don’t recall ever, nor do I ever plan to, pull a posting. First off, I think about what I write before I write it, and then I think about it again after I write it and before I post it. So I don’t wind up publishing something that I’m going to regret having out there. Oh I edit and add some things to postings all the time, but I never change the heart of what I’m saying, just the wording sometimes because I don’t think it’s worded well, or I want to add more information to it. If something I post turns out to be wrong, I’ll leave it as proof that I’m humble enough to admit I don’t know everything, and I’ll correct myself appropriately. It’s my opinion that people who are constantly pulling postings simply need to think more before they act. (Or they could think less after they act, which would have the same end result. *L*)

This morning I took 440 pounds of old, not-working PC equipment to a scrap metal recycling company. Had I known this would involve driving back to the back of the yard and unloading it myself in amongst the dirt, cranes, and other various debris that collects in a junkyard, I would not have worn my normal work clothes. 🙂 Of course, it was more environmentally friendly to do this than just throw them away, I suppose. (Not to mention it’s illegal in Ohio for businesses to dump old PC equipment) Now I’ve got to figure out where to store the stuff that still works, and sort through all of the extra cables and software we’ve got laying around here to see what we need to keep around and what we can get rid of. This is becoming my summer project, the thing that will keep me occupied while we go into “summer slowdown mode”. The summer I got to upgrade the network and all of the PC’s was far more interesting than this one’s going to be. So you still wanna be a Network Admin. when you grow up? Buy a car that is easy to load/unload PC equipment in, and a pair of work boots. Because at some point you’re going to be moving PC’s or servers and you’ll need them.

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