And the winner is

I am impressed. Andy managed to find the answer on Google. I wasn’t sure you’d be able to find the pronunciation and the history of the word Seanchai on there, but then I should know better than to ever doubt Google, eh? For the record the Seanchai were traditional Irish storytellers, and it’s pronounced “shawn-a-key”.

This is my blogtree. The cool thing about this little site is that it allows you to give props to the people who first influenced you to start blogging, and see who else was influenced by the same people. For me, Scoble’s presentation at Gnomedex last year got the idea going in my head, and then reading Doc Searls got me thinking about the good ideas that could be spread around through blogging. Not that these two are the only bloggers who have my utmost respect, there are plenty, but these two were influential in getting me started and it’s nice that there’s a place they can go and see that.

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