Clean up on aisle 5!

I got home from my parents house last night, talked to Angela on the phone for a little while, read my email, wrote a few more, grabbed a new webcam pic, went to upload it to the site, and discovered something interesting. “Hmm, why do I have a default.htm, and an index.html in my main folder? Oh wait, I have a default.asp, index.asp and index.htm as well. Where did they come from?” Let’s open up the main page and see what’s going on here. Oh nice, the front page of my site has been defaced by a hacker!

After a little research I discovered they probably used a known exploit that hadn’t been patched by ReadyHosting. Nice job! So I was up late, yet again, deleting all the stuff the defacers had loaded onto the site, and putting my correct front page back. I have a support ticket open with the hosting company so they can explain themselves. They better have a good one!

On the plus side, since most of you enter the site from here, instead of the front page, not that many people probably even noticed the site was hacked, and you all could still get this page, or the forums and go about your normal routine. It doesn’t soothe my anger at Readyhosting, but it’s nice to know that other people’s enjoyment of the site wasn’t affected.

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