The agenda

Things have been so busy with work stuff, social events, and unplanned website issues that a number of half-finished projects are sitting around waiting for me to get to. I hate when that happens. I get stressed when I have projects that are unfinished. So, starting tomorrow (tonight’s the Dave Matthews concert) I’m going to have to get busy with finishing the documentation for the top-secret project for Geek’s top secret new site, loading and testing the Web Album Generator on the laptop, finalizing my after-Gnomedex travel plans, setting up Angela’s new Mac (delivery expected on the 8th!) to work with the wireless access point, trying to study for A+, and trying to spend some time with my wife, all before leaving in just two weeks or so. I’ll have to fit those personal projects around a few social events, but hopefully not too many!

On top of that, there are a number of work projects that need to be completed before the 22nd. I need to upgrade all of our anti-virus software, I need to have final proposals finished for purchasing an XP system to use as a test system, to check for future compatibility issues, for a possible database upgrade, and a possible ISP switch that would involve us hosting our own mail server. (I’m not holding my breath on that one, it’ll cost some serious $$) I need to have a final recommendation on those darn T1 contracts that I’m still behind on. Then I have to have all of the August database work finished for the month on the 21st as well.

So, I’ll be busy. Hopefully the unexpected emergencies are done for a little while, so I can get things caught up again. Keep your fingers crossed!

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