So last night, after trying to get some html files into a readable format for my PocketPC (A plus study notes mostly.) I had a thought. “What if I could just take the text of the files and make a quick and dirty Microsoft Reader file out of it?” That would solve the difficulty I was having, wouldn’t it? A quick trip to the Google toolbar brought me to this page, which had links to a number of sources. For my quick, dirty, unformatted notes Ebook Express was just the thing. It’s a website that lets you upload a text or Word doc (It may do others as well, those are the only ones I needed) and turns it into a .lit file, immediately available for download.

Pretty useful, but if you want something formatted, with chapters and all of that stuff, ReaderWorks might be more up your alley. (There’s a free version and a “Publisher” version that costs $119, I’m not sure what the difference is.) Be warned though, as the owners of the first site recommend in their Quick Guide to making Microsoft Reader Books, you need to go through the documentation and really learn all you can do with the Reader Works software. Hopefully I’ll get to do that sometime soon!

By the way, I also liked the bit in the guide about making sure something is in the public domain before you copy/paste it into a Reader file and make it available to others, and the links to public domain online books. All of that makes it a worth a bookmark!

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