Oh I hate that!

I’m not the biggest fan of year end reports to begin with, but when certain things get entered into the database incorrectly and throw off the year end reports, and I have to go back and fix the records so I can then fix the reports, I can get even more ugly than usual. Not to mention slightly brain-fried from going over every excruciating detail of these records to make sure everything is as it should be, but that would explain why my office door has been shut most of the day, this stuff needs my undivided attention!

But they’re done, all in one day. Sometimes I even surprise myself. (Of course I’m sure that the new Dell machine’s 2.4Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM helped the processing go a lot quicker this year too, but I’m giving myself all the credit anyway *L*)

Now I just need to refresh my brain a bit before I go back to studying some more A+ this evening. (I know the blogging’s been a bit, well, lacking in quantity and quality lately, but I’ve got more important things to worry about right now. I really don’t want to have to retake these exams, they’re expensive!)

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