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Here’s the cool thing about Angela getting a Mac. She’s paying for the machine, and I’m getting the opportunity to add to my own tech knowledge by having access to a Mac for next to nothing. I’ve added the Apple Core to my list of Lockergnome subscriptions and added a copy of Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Repairing Macs to my bookshelf at home for the low, low price of $6. (Big clearance sale at Microcenter, and Angela was nice enough to buy it for me, since it’ll be for her machine!) So I’m getting a Mac education right along with her, not too shabby!

Want to see A-list bloggers act like six-year olds? Yeah, I guess arguing about the technology and who came up with what idea first and who’s not getting enough credit is going to make people take the medium seriously, isn’t it? Because we all know it’s not the writing that makes a good weblog, it’s the technology, right? There certainly can’t be people who just write good, informative pages regardless of the tools they use, because the tools are the thing, aren’t they? Bleech! (link found through Corante)

Later.. I’m still awaiting word from the person who made a purchase at the Life of a One-Man IT Department Store. I’m curious as to his/her opinion of the product quality. I hope it was ok!

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