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Yes, Angela did put in her two weeks notice this morning. All I can say about that is that someone is going to be in for a rude surprise on Aug. 2 when they realize how many things don’t get done anymore and how many people here have no idea how to do them. Oh well, not my problem. The stuff that concerns me, and will fall to me until they hire a replacement, is going to get done, I’ll be sure of that. But the other stuff, sorry can’t help ya’! You’d think that if both of the people who worked under you were leaving around the same time, (they both got new jobs) you’d spend some time making sure that your actual work is going to get covered, and making sure the knowledge gets passed along wouldn’t you? Whatever!

Yes, those of you paying careful attention will note that she is taking a week off between jobs for herself. I’m a little jealous, but then I’m taking the last week of August for myself, so I can’t complain. She’ll be attending an extended-family gathering, sans husband (who will be at the Irish Festival), that weekend, and staying through Monday to spend some “alone with her parents” time, then tripping back to Columbus in time for the Dave Matthews concert on Tuesday. I suppose she can rest for the remainder of the week, eh? She deserves it!

It’s only a month away now. This time next month, I’ll be packing up the car and heading to Des Moines for Gnomedex. I’m getting pretty jazzed about it, although I am probably going to have to pass on The Ohana Steakhouse gathering that evening. Being in Des Moines by 5:30 is iffy, and since they are going to require a deposit on the meal, I’m not going to risk being out the $10 if I don’t make it in time. I was hoping to meet some of the folks before the convention actually started but I guess I can wait until Friday morning, or I can maybe hook up with them later that evening. Look me up when ya’ll get back from dinner! 🙂

On a top-secret note, Geek, I haven’t forgotten the stuff I promised you. It’s nearly done, I just need to document some stuff I added to it that I didn’t bother with in the original because I didn’t need it, but it might be useful to others. I was slightly distracted from working on it this weekend, sorry! 🙂

Meanwhile, I spent most of my morning running reports for our outsourced sales people. Unfortunately, since no one bothered to consult me on the tech issues surrounding outsourcing our sales last year, the only way for us to get them our membership data is to print it out for them every once in a while. Yeah, I know, by the time the 80 or so pages print twice, sorted by zip and sorted alphabetically, it’s already outdated. Again, not really my problem. But, it’s a rather time-consuming process, exporting the info, sorting it, printing it, resorting it, printing it again. Boring! I had more fun working on Angela’s computer at home, even without getting it fixed! Oh well, life in IT right? Most of the time you work on boring junk.

Lastly, this just sucks! Here’s hoping things work out ok for Camille and Josh.

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