TCP/IP stack update

I spent a late night over the weekend trying to fix the problem with Angela’s current PC. Basically what happened is that back when we had the cable modem installed and there was a problem with it, the Roadrunner tech support folks, rather than believing that the problem was with their modem, had me uninstall and reinstall the adapters and TCP/IP stacks. Well after I did that on her PC, the PPP Adapter never showed up again. When I use “winipcfg” in Windows 98, it only shows the Ethernet Adapter, the PPP one for dialup connections was gone. Since we are using the Ethernet to connect to the network, I hadn’t really spent much time messing with it, but with the prospect of giving up the PC to her parents when she moves to the Mac, I thought I’d give it a good shot. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Dial-Up Adapter, the TCP/IP stacks, DUN, the modem, and even went so far as to take out all of the networking components and start over. Again, the Ethernet adapter shows up, the PPP is nowhere to be found. The modem works, in fact, it will dial out and connect to an ISP, but then you get the “unable to negotiate a compatible set of protocols” error, presumably because the PC won’t accept an IP address from the server when you connect. (Without an adapter to take the IP address, it wouldn’t work very well, would it? *L*)

So that’s where it stands. The only available option seems to be reinstalling the OS, but I’d have to use the HP System Recovery CD and start all over again with a fresh install then spend hours installing all of the graphics software that she has, which was one of the bigger reasons for giving them the PC to begin with. If I’m going to have to do that, we’d do just as well to retire the software from this PC that she won’t be using anymore and shipping the CD’s down to her parents to install on the machines they already have. Also, they all told me not to bother with all of that anyway, so I’m not going to. They can figure out the rest, if anything needs to even be done.

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