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Had to do some meetings this morning and deal with some issues so I’ve been busy. A recurring theme seems to be problems with email delivery. For example, one of our users sent an email to about 100 people late yesterday, with a 25 page .pdf attached. All of these people are on one of our committees and would have been expecting things from us, but only about 65 of them actually got delivered, the others bounced. I told someone that the idea that we could have a list of 100 people, in 100 different organizations, each with their own filters and ISP’s, and that they would all manage to get the message, is dead. Perhaps it’s time to publish each committee’s “notices” to their own portion of the website and let them either get it there, or for the more tech savvy among them, subscribe to an RSS feed? That solves the problem of undeliverable email, but I wonder how many of them would be willing to do something new, or if the howls of protest will keep us from trying anything so cutting edge? 🙂

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