Let that be a lesson to you

All that hassle and re-routing of our email today turned out to be caused by a typo. Someone, in setting up firewall rules, missed our gateway IP address by one little number, and thusly, an entire organization lost the ability to send email, technicians there had to re-route us around that firewall, DNS entries had to be changed on the fly, and settings had to be changed on all of our machines just to get us back to being able to email while they looked for the problem. This afternoon, they found it, someone had entered 193.2.x.x instead of 192.3.x.x

All I’m saying is, be careful typing those IP’s, eh? 🙂

Now I’ve got a bunch of people getting hit with Netsky.B in their inbox! Luckily Symantec is catching it and keeping everyone clean, but I’ve got more questions to answer and panic to soothe. What a day..

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