Good thing..

One nice thing that I think is going to come out of using Postini here at work is that people are going to see just how much spam they actually get! Recently, some of my users have been complaining, rather loudly, about the amount of spam hitting their inbox, and complaining that our ISP must be doing such a poor job of blocking it. These people were getting 10-15 a day coming through the filters the ISP had setup. My account’s already running through Postini and I haven’t gotten any in 36 hours or so. I can, however, go over to the website, login and see the 119 emails that it caught and didn’t deliver to me, which tells me that I may have gotten 10-15 the way it was setup before, but that means they were successfully blocking over 100 the old way!

I think some people are in for a rude awakening when they see just how bad the spam problem is with their own eyes. Should be fun! 🙂

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