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I’ve been quiet this week about work on the intranet site, because I haven’t been working on it, really. I got it to a nice, stable place last week, and this week I’ve been writing documentation, trying to get a good written overview of what the site is about, what each module does, how to use them, etc. Obviously, blogging about writing documentation is about the most boring thing I could imagine, so I haven’t talked about that, focusing instead on actual projects. The docs are done, and I just sent an email giving everyone the link to find the site, so we’ll see what, if any, reaction there is to that.

My hosting provider gave me a head’s up that our sites will be moving, physically, to another server this weekend. He feels pretty confidant that there won’t be any major problems but if you see some funkiness, or have email and DNS problems, that’s probably why.

Sounds like a good weekend to spend away from the computer, huh?

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