I didn’t realize they were doing that..

I was paying my cable bill just now and I noticed that the insert this month was for something called Time Warner Cable Home Networking, where Time Warner will install a wireless network for you, all for the low price of $14.95 per month, plus possible equipment and installation fees. When I took a look at the online info I couldn’t help but notice that they seem to be big on the “no expensive equipment to buy” benefit. Given that you can get a Linksys wireless router and second network card for, what $100?, and since you already have one network card for the cable modem anyway, buying your own equipment for a second computer as opposed to spending $14.95 per month would actually pay for itself in a little more than 6 months, wouldn’t it? I don’t see the benefit there, even if you have to pay out a little bit to an “expert” to come install it for you, it’d pay for itself fairly quickly.

But, on the other hand, what if T/W decides that if you want to use a wireless network to share your cable connection you have to pay for their wireless networking? That would piss a lot of people off, wouldn’t it? They wouldn’t be that stupid, would they? Could they afford to be that stupid? They could if they’re the only broadband ISP around. Or am I just being paranoid?

Something to watch for in 2003.

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