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Travel Tip – Mobile Maps And Reality

Yesterday, I had yet another reminder that as useful and amazing as using GPS and maps on my phone can be when driving across the country, sometimes you still need to check with reality.

As it turns out, the state of California recently relocated a short stretch of CA highway 58 West of Barstow, but they failed to let Apple know about this re-route. Thus, instead of my phone’s screen showing me how far it would be to my entrance to I-15, it showed me doing some serious desert off roading and instructing me to get back to the route….

I really hate it when my phone thinks I’m flying across the desert.

Luckily, I didn’t try to follow the phone and stayed on the actual road that was there in real life, and eventually, it made it’s way to I-15 and Apple’s Map app knew where I was again. 😉


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