Linked – The News Feed is Outdated: How Stories Changed the Way I Think About Social Media

This is something I have noticed a few of my connections doing with Instagram stories, and something I’m trying to do more of as well. Right now, my Instagram story doesn’t get the audience Facebook or Twitter does, but I agree, the story is a very powerful feature.

But with stories, everything is there, in one place from start to finish. Viewers always see the first post in story ahead of the newest or most popular post.
The beauty of stories is really in how easy they are to create and consume. In just a couple of taps and swipes, you can create and share snippets of your day. Stories enable us to share the exciting, vivid moments of our lives in-the-moment. And rather than posting a singular highlight of our day to the News Feed, we can share immersive narratives that tell a story over a 24hr period of time.


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