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The implications of what Seth has to say about tools like Google Sheets when it comes to eDiscovery technology are pretty obvious to me.

“If you get good at a type of technology, you’ll find yourself using it often. On the other hand, if you decide that you’re somehow untalented at it (which is nonsense) or don’t take the time, then you’ll have sacrificed leverage and confidence that were offered to you.

Of course, it’s not just Sheets, or the web, or even computers. It’s a posture of possibility when it comes to the tools we’re able to use.

We can ignore the tools that we have access to. We can fear them. We can understand them.

(And, after we understand them, we’re able to hire someone else to use them on our behalf.)

We can even master them.”

If you work in the legal field and continue to explain away your inability to work with technology, that’s your choice. You could also choose to master technology by digging in and learning, and take advantage of them to be a better professional. But, if your focus is on billable time in the short term, obviously, you won’t take the time to do this, because that’s what it requires, time to learn and understand. Long term, it should make your time more valuable though, and prevent you from getting left behind.

The choice is yours.

Dancing with tools

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