Linked: Show empathy for employees struggling with mental health issues, author says

I think the advice Anna shares in the entire article below is good stuff as we continue to struggle with everything many of us re dealing with now. Yes, many of us haven’t lost our jobs, but maybe we are trying to continue working while also trying to keep our family safe, or have a spouse who has lost a job, or any number of other stressful things that are going on. But, I think her advice here for bosses is key to the workplace, because there’s a very good chance right now that someone on your team is struggling with depression, so maybe whether they tell you or not, think about this:

But I think also [they need to] make sure the person knows that they are valued, and that you will give them the tools that they need, or the time that they need to be able to recuperate because they are so valuable to you.

Because so much of mental illness, especially depression, is a person devaluing themselves — that they’re useless or worthless — they are to blame for everything that goes wrong.

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