Membership that Pays for Itself?

You may recall that I joined ALSP this year because the membership fee was only $25 for an individual, and while I didn’t really know what would happen with the new group, I thought it was worth $25 to be on the inside to find out. Well, in my email today came an interesting invitation, to attend a webinar that would be complimentary to ALSP and Women in e-Discovery members, but cost $50 for non-members.

In today’s litigation support environment, numerous investigations and discovery requests are focusing on electronic media that has bypassed the company’s network including encrypted flash drives, smart phones and data that has been created and stored online. ALSP and Women in eDiscovery invite you to join presenters Pamela Quintero and Julie Wade in this tech-packed hour that will feature an up close and inside internal analysis of a user’s web tracks and data trail. It will also answer the question: “What are the privacy ramifications of the employee’s Internet usage with text messaging and e-mail after the 9th Circuit’s recent ruling in Quon v. Arch Wireless?” The presentation will conclude with a quick review of the latest and greatest in the Enterprise 2.0 technology and all the new API’s that are rolling out.

Obviously, I’m only eligible to be in one of those groups, but if it turns out that I will be able to attend the webinar, I will have saved myself $50 right there, so that’s not bad. It sounds like it will be pretty interesting, but I have some work obligations that may get in the way that week, requiring me to not be in my office with web access, so we’ll see if I get to take part.

Speaking of ALSP, I owe the folks organizing the local chapter an email about getting involved with that. I should really stop procrastinating that and get involved! Gotta get the most out of my membership before I make any decisions on renewing for next year.

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