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Linked – The Real AI Revolution Will Be Invisible

This is an interesting article. I wrote the intro to a recent newsletter about this same topic. (By the way, are you subscribed to the newsletters?)

I think this quote from the linked article is right on:

These advancements are pointing towards a future where more on-device AI features will be possible, and they will be implemented just like any other functionality in your favorite applications. The trend of obnoxious AI chatbots or AI-suggested replies on social media posts will eventually fade away (hopefully), but we’ll be left with the features that are actually useful. That’s the real AI revolution: not a giant Copilot button in Microsoft Edge, but your apps and devices becoming smarter and accomplishing specific tasks much quicker and more efficiently.

That doesn’t mean we won’t make a mess of things getting there. Some employers will go through rounds of layoffs, hoping to replace workers with AI writers, photographers, coders, etc. Plenty of companies will rush to add something they can call “AI” to their products to look innovative, and everyone will stumble along learning what AI might be useful for.

Then, we’ll end up using the AI built into all the same tools we use now. It’ll be a part of the web search. It’ll be part of assistants like Siri. For law firms, it’ll be integrated with document management systems and M365.

We might even eventually wonder why so many people made such a big deal.


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