No wonder people hate the tech industry

In doing research for a presentation I’m doing to the local ILTA Litigation Technology group tomorrow about how to subscribe to and use RSS feeds, I’ve seen at least two different explanations of the acronym, the 3 different “specs”, RSS, RSS 2.0 and Atom, and countless ways for sites to display, and describe their feed. Yet, despite all of the hand-wringing and name-calling that goes on over these things, to everyone in that room, none of that matters. All they need to do is find the address and subscribe to it, the feed reader will take care of all the rest.

Honestly, that’s my goal for the presentation, to show people who have never even atempted to use a feed reader how it can help them be more efficient and informed. If I can do that, and can motivate them to give RSS a try, I’ll be estatic! At the end of the day isn’t technology supposed to make our lives simpler, not create even more confusion? Then why have we made something as simple as RSS so darned confusing?

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