Rant for today

Rant for today,

Why does it seem like company websites are afraid to just give you basic information, like say, pricing!?!?! We got a mailing from Sprint today about their business dedicated internet access, the mailing said for more information either call, or visit their website. Since we’re not really looking to switch ISP’s or anything, my boss simply wanted to know the price, for comparisons sake, and future reference. Well guess what, you can’t get the price from the website. But if you fill out the form with all of your contact information, they’ll be sure to have a sales specialist contact you to answer your questions about internet service. Guess what, if I wanted to talk to a “sales specialist” I would have called them, not gone to the website!

Besides, I’m pretty reasonably sure that I never, ever, ever, ever want to talk to a “sales specialist”. Every time I do it winds up being a monthly, “are you still sure you’re not interested?” phone call. I’m entirely sick of those, I can promise you that!

By the way, it’s not just Sprint, I had the same problem earlier this week when someone asked me to price envelope printers. No dice, “fill out the form and we’ll forward your contact information to one of our dealers”.

I’m tempted to fill out the form and in the comments section say “Look I just want the cost, nothing more. Please email me the cost, and if I get one phone call, one piece of mail, or one more email after that, I promise I will never do business with you!” You think they’ll get the message and start posting pricing information online?

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