The New Paradigm: Back to Basics

The New Paradigm: Back to Basics – WebReference Update – 011108

On subsequent pages, provide just enough information to define your

company but do not “give away the store.” There must be enough of a

void in your presentation so people will want to contact you for

more information. Keep the message short and focused. Don’t forget

the call to action. You want people to contact you so tell them and

tell them how. Is it the techie Web designers who do not understand

this? I am still amazed at how many sites make it so difficult to

contact the company.

So that’s the problem here, they want me to contact them so they can sell to me. But I don’t need a salesman, I will purchase after I’ve done my own research and price comparisons. You don’t give me prices without contacting you, you don’t get my business, plain and simple. Of course it is equally annoying to want to contact someone and not be able to because you can’t find the contact information. But really, can I just get a price without going through the sales call? Is that too much to ask?

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