Tuesday stuff

After wasting an evening at Nationwide Arena watching the Blue Jackets lose 8-0 to Boston, (ouch!) I’m back on top of the latest tech stuff this morning.

Browser tool protects and educates Web surfers
-This seems like it might not be a bad thing to check out. They have a 20 day free trial, you might want to consider checking it out if you’re concerned about cookies and web bugs.

Another article about the fight against spam. It’s pretty amazing how much time and money is being tied up in this issue, but it’s important, spam is slowly killing the growth of the internet. New users inundated with spam never get over that first impression of the internet. (Especially when you add in the popup ads!)

Michael Jardeen writes an open letter to the music industry. I have to agree with him, I’m not nearly as big a music collector as he, but I can’t see any reason to ever buy a copy-protected CD. Lately, most of my music has been coming from independent labels anyway, as main stream labels put out generally crappy music that I can hear almost at will by tuning the radio, if I wanted to! In my cd’s I’m much more interested in bands that aren’t on the radio. (link via Adam Curry)

Security hole in mIRC is plugged with the latest upgrade.

OK no more cruising the blog stuff, I do have some actual work to do.

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